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Case studies

2nd Life Batteries

Ford Bridgend Engine Plant are actively investigating innovative ways to reduce their energy costs. One area of interest is Triad charge periods. Ford Bridgend Engine Plant aims to solve the issue of the Triad charge period by charging batteries (which have been retired from different models of Ford cars) and discharging them at Triad. The company is interested in discovering what other benefits could be achieved, including reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the cost of energy storage and the disposal process.

With this in mind Ford Bridgend Engine Plant partnered with SESS to investigate the feasibility of repurposing 2nd life batteries on different scales (small, medium and large) of storage battery systems, and then to begin testing the Ford 2nd life batteries in a real-world environment.

Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG) is another project partner; it is a grassroots organisation, connected to the global Transition Network, based in Fishguard and Goodwick located on the Pembrokeshire Coast, South West Wales. They initiate and develop localised, community-based projects that make best use of resources such as food, reduce use of fossil fuels and harness renewable energy.  TBG are in the process of developing a 7.5 MW solar array, having already secured planning permission. TBG have identified two main areas in which innovative technology may be deployed, those being ‘smart grid’ and ‘energy storage’.

TBG teamed up with SESS to start sharing the information and data with a view to the potential use of 2nd life batteries in energy storage applications. TBG is interested in seeing the results of using 2nd life batteries under different load profile via their projects.

SESS have also collaborated with Bridgend County Borough Council in the 2nd life battery project. Bridgend County Borough Council has a vision to make Bridgend a decarbonised, digitally connected smart County Borough.

Bridgend County Borough Council believes that providing information and sharing data with SESS could contribute to the design and optimise performance of projects it is delivering through its Smart Energy Plan. The Borough Council’s contribution will be to provide different load profiles for 2nd life battery testing.

The project will be carried out under the supervision of the SESS team in the Centre for Automotive & Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE) at the University of South Wales (USW).