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Case studies

Extreme Power Pack

Riversimple is a sustainable car company based in Wales with the purpose “To pursue, systematically, the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport”. The company is developing a hydrogen electric car (named RASA) by using a combination of both Batteries and Fuel Cell. Riversimple believes that future application will need a mix of fuels and powertrains, chosen for different needs based on carbon emissions and energy efficiency.


The innovative powertrain is called “Network Electric Powertrain” and is designed for maximum efficiency.

When the car brakes, the kinetic energy that is normally lost in the form of heat is captured as electricity into a bank of high power-rapid charging battery cells at the front of the car. The energy they take in is sent back to the motors again and provides the energy to accelerate.

This regenerative braking is highly efficient thanks to the use of 4 in-wheel motors. The car needs friction brakes only for emergency braking.


This novel powertrain requires a very small but powerful Battery pack. Riversimple collaborated with SESS to investigate different type of state-of-the-art battery cells that could rapidly charge while maintaining the high power requirements of the prototype cars.

During this project, SESS developed partnerships with various lithium and super-capacitor battery cell manufacturers / suppliers including GS YUASA Battery Europe Ltd and McLaren Applied Technologies to support Riversimple prototype vehicles. All these partners specialise in the development of electric-vehicle-batteries. By using their cells SESS is developing a small, lightweight yet powerful battery pack, specific to the Riversimple cars unique fuel cell powertrain.SJJ system services ltd is another welsh based project partner, which is participating in conducting cyclic ageing test on our developed battery packs under extreme environmental conditions, which the car can come across during its operations. Extreme temperature cycling can also accelerate the aging process.

Another aspect of development with Riversimple is the Battery Management System (BMS). SESS is working on the development of a more bespoke system beneficial tailored to prototype vehicles.

The project will be carried out under the supervision of the SESS team in the Centre for Automotive & Power Systems Engineering (CAPSE) at the University of South Wales (USW).