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Working with businesses to drive innovation and develop new products, technologies and processes for the commercial market.

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Many companies need a helping hand when it comes to emerging technologies. SESS is perfectly aligned to support R&D activity in this field, having an in-depth knowledge in the area of battery and energy storage.
Affordability for companies – This structurally funded operation will provide companies with the opportunity to engage in R&D activities, which will not be in direct proximity to the market but one-step before that. It is very often unaffordable for companies to engage in such activity unless there is an immediate commercial gain to be achieved.
Access to academic knowledge and high quality facilities. SESS will offer a unique opportunity for companies to access academic knowledge in conjunction with high quality research facilities, which are not available elsewhere. These facilities, which are focused on research activities and not commercial production means the companies, will have a unique opportunity to equipment and people with knowledge, which is not accessible beyond the research environment. The need for collaborative working. Innovation within companies is often hampered by their need to work collaboratively with other specialist companies.
Often, approaching alternative companies is hard to achieve within specialist areas but also has the potential risks of creating knowledge leakage and the creation of competitors. They may not know who the relevant companies are or how to approach them. SESS, being part of an academic community, is well versed in brokering collaboration between companies based on the specific technical challenges identified. Available time for Innovation. Often the final and most crucial barrier for companies is the time to allow innovation to happen. Their staff time and skills are focused on the company’s immediate commercial needs and therefore actually finding the time to develop the research is a real barrier.
Working through the SESS framework, they will be supported to overcome this barrier and to create time for these opportunities in the future. Access to non-commercially available technologies. A final barrier which the project addresses is the access to non-commercially available/ready technologies, which allow companies to perform innovations on their own products/processes. SESS will provide access to the technologies needed by companies to innovative and improve products/processes.

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