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Working with businesses to drive innovation and develop new products, technologies and processes for the commercial market.

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Our Goals

The Smart Energy Storage Solutions Hub has obtained funding from the 2014-2020 StructuralFunds Programme under the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF P1 SO2: To increase the successful translation of research and innovation processes into new and improved commercial products, processes and services, in particular through improved technology transfer from HEIs.Our operation aims to achieve a transformational change through achieving a number of outcomes:

1. An increase in the research & innovation capacity of businesses to develop new (or improved) products & processes.

2. An increase in the level of R&I collaborative technology transfer pilot projects undertaken between Universities and businesses.

3. An increase in the availability of specialist facilities to support business R&I.

4. An increase in the level of employment within businesses.

5. An increase in the use and availability of energy storage (low carbon) technologies.

These outcomes will contribute to the ERDF programme’s result indicator of “Average share of total turnover from product innovation, and novel innovation: new to market, new to business and significantly improved (UKIS)”

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